The Murphy Foundation

13467 Lincoln Street W.

North Lawrence, Ohio 44666

Dr. Kim Takacs-Leeman, owner of Aquadale Veterinary Clinic in North Lawrence, Ohio and Damon Leeman, owner of Perennial Vineyards Winery in Navarre, Ohio established The Murphy Foundation in 2010 in honor of their dog. Murphy shared his life with the Leeman's for nearly 18 years, and even accompanied Damon to work at the winery every single day.


The goal of the non-profit organization is to help animals in need throughout the Massillon, Ohio area by spaying and neutering homeless animals, and providing medical care to those animals who would otherwise go without. The foundation makes this possible through collecting charitable donations from the people within our community. Since it's inception six years ago over 275 animals have benefited from the foundation in the form of spaying, neutering, disease screening, and treatment.


The foundation is sponsored by Aquadale Veterinary Clinic and Perennial Vineyards. Aquadale Veterinary Clinic supports the organization by providing all the veterinary care and surgical services required. Perennial Vineyards offers support by donating $1.00 for every bottle of Wine Dog Red and Wine Dog White wine that is bottled and sold.